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Clearing city window—Sorter joined volunteer action

2013/6/11      view:

    On October 13th, Yan Zhao Metropolis Daily organized a volunteer activity whose theme was “clearing the windows of Baoding”. Through the efforts of all, Baoding’s city environment has been beautified, at the same time, the participants had a vivid environmental protection class.
    This activity was jointly organized by Yan Zhao Metropolis Daily and Environmental Sanitation Bureau of BeiShi District, the volunteers who joined in are from every walk of life in Baoding, such as ICBC, Ginza supermarket etc unit organization, some citizen families also participated .The partial workers from marketing center of Sorter took part in this activity.
    This activity lied in Xieliuying which is located in the south Wusilu underpasses of Baoding, rubbish along the one site of the railway’s separation barrier spread about dozens of meters, until the abandoned building garbage. This was not in harmony with surroundings heavily, and left a bad impression for the travelers who passed Baoding. After Environmental Sanitation Bureau leader’s introduction and mobilization, volunteers began to work with spades, brooms, trash pickups etc in full swing. Volunteers wiped bricks out, cleared the rubbish, and removed weeds. In the process of working, some wore bubbles, some were made up of weeds of blood, but they still did in full wing with high morale. After more than two hours’ hard work, they completed all the tasks successfully, the rubbish on the road had been removed and the road took a new look again.
    As learned, Yan Zhao Metropolis Daily will continue to organize similar activities. The workers of Sorter say they will keep on taking part in such Public Welfare activities and devote their little power.