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Sorter group’s Foreign Trading in Beijing

2012/8/21      view:
    Sorter’s clerks of foreign trading department  took part in the foreign training in Beijing, since 17th, Aug to 21th.Aug, which training was held by Beijing Tradesky Commerce Consulting Institution. Through the learning in the training, the clerks gain the knowledge systematically and deepened their recognization in the way of foreign trading, and achieved the better effect in the way of working procedure in the hot and deep discussion.
    The training meeting was hosted in Beijing Zongcan Jingdong hotel. which content is relevented to the ways in the accounting in Import and export business, financial management, exporting reimbursement, foreign trade business and so on. The sponsor  Miss Ma’s lesson made a deep impression through her systematical and clearly speaking. Our clerk Jenny found it very helpful, which will guide and prompt her future greatly. As if seeing the sun, after the wind blows the cloud.
    According to the Sorter company datum’s show, she is professional manufacturer in metal drapery, whose products used in the advanced application, foreign trading income was occupied 80% in the total yearly amount.The aim of the training is to strengthen the foreign trading team’s competition and improve their overall ability.
    During the training, they also visit many landscapes, such as Tian’anmen square and Great Wall in Badaling etc.