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Service the local, sorter highlight the huachuang international plaza

2014/6/2      view:
    spring has arrived, huachuang international plaza’s soft opening offer a new place for people buy stocking in Baoding. Sorter’s crystal beaded curtain set off a shopping atmosphere; the clear and the colorful crystal bead reflect bright brilliant color and won the people’s praise
    Huachuang International Plaza, covering about 40Mu, will become a modern commercial cluster which is a composition of department stores, supermarkets, upscale hotel, the smart apartments, five-star Studios, famous neighborhoods, entertainment and restaurant. 
    The height of crystal beaded curtain is 10m and the curtain track’s diameter is 38mm, Sorter’s crystal beaded curtains designed for Huachuang International Plaza overall height to 10 m. and the curtain track’s diameter is 38mm, thickness up to 2mm stainless steel tube simmering into a circle of diameter 1 m and round rail welded to a cross in the middle of the cage. In circular orbits above every 5cm 4.2mm diameter round hole of upper and lower permeability, and installed in the hole which screw length 5cm with non-slip feature, opened at the end of this screw with round holes to install Crystal.
    Crystal beaded Curtain divided into clear Crystal and colorful crystal, installed in accordance with 5:1, have reinforced the overall Crystal hanging curtain color refraction effect. In order to highlight the diversity of Crystal beaded curtains, Crystal hanging curtains was installed within tennis, silk flower, gift boxes with different sizes, displayed in picturesque with a special order. Crystal bead curtains and the setoff matched reasonable, and looks well, and brimming with stylish atmosphere as a whole.
    Sorter group’s manufacture department and the foreign team did a, careful installation, commissioning the Crystal beaded curtain. Sorter conducts a very careful installation and ensures crystal beaded curtain in a safe and sound. During the installation process, Sorter used multiple invisible protection technology, ensured overall stability of the Crystal beaded curtain. Good quality and after sale’s service achieved full recognition of the Huachuang International Plaza.
    Anguo City Sorter World Netting has been engaged in the metal decoration. Although mainly export abroad, the domestic market also did well. Our products has applied in more and more fields and received 100% positive feedback.