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The perfect turn from wired jade dress to SORTER sequin cloth

2012/8/1      view:

  The Mancheng Han Tombs’ wired jade dress is famous for its delicate design, fine workmanship. which was made up of nearly 2500 jade slices in different size sewn with more than 1000 grams of gold wire, what a graceful artistic work it is in the world! Being named the artistic treasure, it is admired by later generations.
    On the basis of researching the traditional craftsmanship of the wired jade dress,Sorter renovated it in systematically and introduced the modern machines and processed the bulk production, therefore they accomplished the perfect turn from "jade dress" to "sequin cloth".
    Wired Jade dress named "jade box" or "jade fetters" has been popular for more than 400 years.  It dates back to "jade screen", "jade clothes" in Dongzhou period. The ancients treated jade as "mountains' hero". The jade master polished the jade from big chunks shape into slices firstly, then holed at the four corners on each piece. Then sew different quality jade slices into cloth with gold wire, silver wire, and copper wire separately, therefore wearing the different wire jade cloth is as symbol of their social status and their wealth in those days.
    During the process of the jade dress, the jade master overcame a series of the tech problems, and took long time in the polishing, and holing and stitching for the jade. In the view of the modern garment designers, the jade dress exists the shortage of the irregular sewing and trapezoid jade slices. On the base of the tech of the jade dress, SORTER researches and adopts the interior design and drawing by wire bonds boldly to make the modern metal sequins, which are made of alloy of magnesium, electroplating the surface, stitching them with the four corner slice legs, then workers get them together into a block of sequin cloth. In the standard of modern production, SORTER can produce the sequins with neat shape and lined regular in bulk. Many advantages in modern production for the sequin cloth are shown, so it makes the perfect change from the jade dress to the modern sequin cloth come true, and leads the  innovative and unique and splendid global fashion trends.
    In these days, the designing of the metal sequin cloth has been common in the field of the metal mesh production.
    Now, Sorter company can produce various sequin cloth in color and shape, such as sapphire, and azure, and red and black, or round coins or square coins etc, its sequin sizes vary from 3mm to 10mm. their products has extensively applications in the  interior or exterior decoration, and garments and bags, therefore it improved the production's value and use, and shined the customer's eyes by difference in the   material and colors.
    At the atmosphere of Baoding historical city’s tradition and rich culture, Sorter company try their best in absorbing the pith of the traditional art, and improve their product, and make effort to produce the flowing global trends and leading the fashion products to serve the world.