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Santa Claus named Sorter sending Christmas gifts

2014/6/2      view:
    Although the international economic condition continued to be worse, the foreigners are still ready for the Christmas with high enthusiasm. The Christmas is approaching only in one month, Sorter has been neck deep in orders. In order to return foreign old and new clients, Sorter specially customizes gifts with Chinese national feature, which is not only added joy for foreigner, but also increased “Chinese flavor ” for Christmas deeply.
    According to the introduction of production vice general manager Mr. Han, the economy is not optimistic, but recently the order of decorative products  has been increases a lot, such as crystal beaded curtain, metal beaded curtain etc.Data investigation shows that, most of businessmen decorate their place to welcome the Christmas and arouse customers’ purchasing enthusiasm before Christmas . Sorter also support them a lot at the most extent in sale policy, gifting a number of Chinese knot and twelve Chinese zodiac signs, and takes the chance to disseminate Chinese culture, for  many foreigners are highly interested in Chinese culture. Through these gifts, on the one hand, foreigners can understand Chinese culture deeply and establish  a strong Chinese bridge and a indelible Chinese feeling .on the other hand, Sorter can obtain more orders.
    The Christmas is drawing near, foreign youth like to be wedding in the festival. Lucy is not excluded, who is one of customers from New Zealand, loves to one crystal beaded curtain and immediately order it as her wedding stage background. With the shining of the light, the shimmering crystal beads, which is representative of the sweet warm and romantic love, making people aftertaste after a long time. In order to express the best wishes, Sorter specially purchased double Xizi Chinese knots and some Xizi paper that stand for love, made cross-stitch of “a hundred tie” and gave it to Lucy as a gift. According to the mail feedback, Lucy spoke highly of it with”Wonderful”, she said it was the best marriage blessing from magic country. 
    As learned, Sorter will be hard-working and making more foreign friends, let them have a good knowledge of China by the window of “Sorter”. Sorter will improve brand influence through cultural strength, enrich connotation of production and promote the deeper business cooperation.