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Sorter Pushing Forward to the World Perfume Capital –Grasse

2014/6/2      view:
    Recently, Sorter’s perfume bottles and packaging products went to the town of Grasse from Tianjin xingang port. The cooperation between Sorter and the Grasse’s perfume factory signifies that Sorter has got widely approval in the high-enc packaging decoration field, and also signified that Sorter has made great achievements in enhancing the value of products.
    Sorter World Netting Factory has enjoyed good reputation in the field of European design, and its products such as metal ornaments and crystal ware has won the praise of customers, therefore, sorter’s products also catches the eyes of the Grasse designer. Located in the south of France, Grasse town, honored the “perfume capital of the world” since 16th century, has becomes synonymous with the world top perfume. During the communication, learned the packaging needs of perfume company and combined with the characteristics of the perfume, Sorter developed a new perfume wire fabrics, which can be well attached to the perfume bottle, and have good stability and felt well. The decorative wire fabrics matches the perfume bottle well, it looks very generous and fashion. After seeing the sorter’s sample, the designer of perfume company sudden to reach the agreement, for the designing of the wire fabric is suitable for the perfume bottle’s value, as well as satisfied with the customer’s needs on sight fashionable.     With the same concept and packaging ideas, the two sides communicate very pleasantly and make consensus quickly.
    Instead of standing on the point of sales, Sorter World Netting Factory catches customer’s requirements. She will continue to enhance more value of the products to meet customer’s needs.