Crystal Bead Chain Curtain

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Crystal Bead Chain Curtain
This fabulous Crystal bead chain curtain picks up light and sparkles no matter which way the beads hang. Curtains space partitions, backdrops, wall and ceiling treatment, garland, wedding decoration... It is so easy to use and the effects are mesmerizing. You can use them individually in any panels as your demands, or hang beside each other to create a spectacular bead curtain backdrop or wall drape.
· 14mm bead size
· Octagon crystal beads fused to stunning strings
· Each string of beads can be easily trimmed to length
· Iridescent beads are clear
· Custom size available
· Curtain track insert and eyelets included and already assembled!
· Curtain comes rolled up - just unravel and hang
These bead curtains create a romantic wedding ambiance, bring best wishes and happiness wo new couples. You can also use at home in the place of regular doors, cupboard doors or behind a bed to add height and sparkle in the room. They make fantastic doorway curtains for kids' bedrooms, adding to the decor and completing the look.
Crystal bead curtains are the perfect addition to any room!

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